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Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris 2.5 stars this time. Like the first, it was ok. More ok than the other, actually, but only because there was more Eric. I kind of hate Bill. Stephen Moyer makes him at least palatable (though not too terribly), as Anna Paquin does for Sookie, but in the book he's just a cold fish of a jerk! I understand that the author is trying to establish that the silence of his mind (to Sookie) is a life-altering thing, and that's 'sure' fantastic for her, but I don't really buy into their relationship.

I can't quite put my finger on why Sookie annoys me so much. I think it's something to do with the prudishness that 180's into wantonness in the space of a heart beat (which, you know, that happens when you're in love, I get it, but on Sookie I still find it annoying); the 'down home' shit interposed with $20 words (which the author seemed to have realized she was doing and so gave Sookie a Word of the Day calendar); and the prissy judgmental nature of the chick. She seems to look down on everyone else, and she's obsessed with her tan, and her makeup, and her hair. Oh, and the boobs.

Maybe that's why I like Anna Paquin better than "the" Sookie: she doesn't have enormous breastesses that she and everyone else is obsessed(esses) with.

Whatever. I liked it better than the first one, and have already started the third. OH! Maybe that's why I'm annoyed! I paid $4 a piece for the first three paperbacks online then found #4 and #7 for .25 cents a piece at the local 2nd and Charles...

I'm weird that way. That could be a big piece of the "why don't I LOVE this?" puzzle. (But I don't truly think so.)

I do have to say I like the mythos the author has built. I like the whole vamps out in the open thing, and I love the idea of humans ingesting vamp blood to get high and heal. The whole drug culture around "V" is cool. Erm...but...is that only in the show? I can't keep them straight anymore.