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Fate's Edge -  Ilona Andrews Happy anticipatory bouncy chair dance! Kaldar was one of my FAVORITE aspects of Bayou Moon and I just honestly can't WAIT to get into something with him as a major.


(Been saying that a lot in regard to this series. Can't apologize. Just feel very "Yay!")

I really liked it. I didn't LOVE-LOVE it like I loved the others, but I liked it a lot. Parts of it I did love, but over all it seemed a bit rough in patches, writing-wise. I did think the story was solid and I loved the characters. I found it a smidge depressing in the beginning, in that the humor took a bit of time to come to the fore, but when it did, it was great.

Kaldar was handled well, I thought, and Audrey was great. Cerise is still my favorite, but Audrey may have taken second place from Rose. William's still my favorite dude, and Kaldar is definitely second. Declan...yeah, I liked him, but, you know, that was two books ago!

The author/s can ratchet up the tension like there's no tomorrow (and you're never sure if there will be one) and as in the other two, there were a couple of times when I was truly, viscerally nervous. Edge-of-seat stuff (no pun intended).

Overall a great, fun series. I'm not a "romance" reader, but these? I really love all aspects of. The romance is relatively realistic (even though all the major players are impossibly gorgeous and "hot" (and "sandalwood"-y [snark])) and I really love all the banter. Fun banter!

May take a bit of a break before delving into the next one, but I can definitely see myself coming back to this series again and again, like I do with my favorite cozy series/s.