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Alys (The Terra Mirum Chronicles) - Kiri Callaghan Could have been...sublime. This is a very imaginative, heart-felt and basically adept take on Alice in Wonderland with a smidge of A Midsummer Night's Dream for spice and reference. I would have LOVED it, were it not for the increasingly frequent typos as the story progressed. The last third is riddled with them, with missing words, a butt-ton of tense mistakes within the same sentences, and even a few sentences that start and then just...poof.

WHERE was the editor? The proofreader? Gah, I'm disappointed. Nothing takes me out of a story faster or more thoroughly than a typo. One or two I can forgive but when they are countless, when they procreate like rabbits, it's really difficult to get back into the story.

It's a shame. The ending is rather lovely, but spoiled and despoiled by the shoddy proofing.

I also found myself wanting more: more depth, more detail, more length. That's probably a good thing, all told. I don't think any author likes to hear that they did too much and so killed the story by over-telling or over-working (like some of the rotted, overripe books in the library orchard--a truly clever and witty and FUN development that seemed quite glossed over).

I've read one short story by this author and had the same feeling: I want more. I can SEE so much more in her structure, in her ideas, but like that short story, this novella seemed to gloss over a lot of what was going on. Again, the ending would have remedied this, but damn the typos.

I would have given it four stars, but for the issues above.

Not mad I read it, not a waste of time, but still pretty disappointed in the overall presentation.

***Note: I will be giving this another go at some point because I received an "updated/corrected" version of the ebook from Amazon.