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Blue Bloods - Melissa  de la Cruz This could have been an intriguing premise, and the author does actually have a few original ideas about vampire lore, but I found it terribly difficult to get through. I realize it's a "young adult" novel, but I don't think that's an excuse for bad writing. I thought it was extremely puerile and just plain badly written.

Throwing around brand and band names in the vain attempt to lend edge or modernity to her story was a very bad idea.

The modelling aspect was just ridiculous; it read more like a young girl's fantasy of what being a model would be like.

The dialog is sludgy and inane. There's no suspense; the characters are caricatures. The book reads like a 9th grade creative writing assignment which warranted--maybe--a B+. I literally had nothing new to read and had purchased this used for a quarter awhile ago, so I struggled through it. It was not worth the time. At all.