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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal - Christopher Moore May just be my favorite Christopher Moore book (though Fool would run a very close second, as well as Lust Lizard oh and I love Practical Demonkeeping...ugh, so hard to choose).

I find the juxtaposition of laugh-out-loud humor with deepening heartbreak and emotion completely irresistible. Biff is engaging, funny, wry, open, and vulnerable. Also snarky. Josh is...I'd hope that if there really were a Jesus (not a believer myself but I don't disparage those who are), he'd be just exactly like Josh. I love Maggie, as well, and the angel is sharply drawn and annoying as all get-out!

The imagination, creativity, and sheer lunatic joy of thing is what I treasure, both about the book and the author.

Honestly, it's just about the perfect book, in my eyes. I quoted way too many of the Abbott-n-Costello/Laurel-n-Hardy-esque banter between Josh and Biff to my work friends and raucous laughter abounded.

Crap, now I want to read it again. It's unfortunately packed away in a box in prep for a move across country.

I will not buy another copy. I will not buy another copy.

Wonder how much the Kindle version is...