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Doubleblind (Sirantha Jax, #3) - Ann Aguirre Whew again, that was exhausting! My favorite of the series, so far.

Spoiler alert:

I loved the body-language stuff that came with the chip Vel inserted into Jax. Down-right poetic, it was. The way she's maturing in leaps and bounds is touching and I can't overstate how relieved I am that she has March back (for the most part). I love how his absence from her head helped facilitate it. I'll admit to some annoyance when they went to tell the truth about Jael and March was already gone. I chalk that up to it being 3 a.m., being almost to the end of the book, and being completely unprepared for...well, more. And to being mentally exhausted by the thought of it. I started to skim (which I rarely do), then realized what time it was and told myself to be a damn grown-up and put the book down and go to bed. I honestly just wanted a nice prisoner exchange and then for them to get the hell off that planet.

Aguirre is a master of "not so fast," however, and I should have known there'd be at least one more twist, one more hurdle, one more tension-packed life-and-death situation to get through. I was grateful at the way the taking of Jael played out. I could not have handled more suspense. I really love Hit. I hope she keeps being a good guy. After what went down with Jael, though...well, hell, I have to hope he's the only betrayer in the inner circle. Honestly I can't imagine any of the rest of them having nefarious intentions.

I love the way this woman writes! I'll say again: it's that alchemy of a fast-paced, seeming overview without the loss of any depth or detail. I don't know how she does it, but I envy it. I can't believe how fast these things read, but having been through the emotional wringer with this one, I'm going to try to take a break before buying the next.

"Try" being the operative term ;)